Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds. – Norman Vincent Peale

Pedro asked AIM Global VP for Business Development Jurgen Gonzales, “Sir Jurgen, what does generic, confusing, defensive invitation means?

Jurgen said, “Well it’s very simple Pedro, most distributors when asked what kind of business they are in, they give their prospects confusing answers instead of focusing on what they really do and what benefit the business could give to their prospects.”

Pedro answered, “You know what sir, I think you are right on that, because all of my prospects asked me what I do for a living and these are my answers.”

“I am with Alliance in Motion Global, an International business and I am currently ranked as Distributor!” Well, I don’t really see any prospect benefits here.

“I am a distributor of an International Company that focuses on health and wealth. I help people get promoted from Silver Executive to Gold Executive up until they reach the Global Ambassador position. I also help them earn up to the 10th level of our Uni-level Marketing Plan.” Hmmm, I sounded like a Doctor speaking medical terms to an ordinary patient. I guess even I would not be interested to what I have said it I was invited this way.

“Well cousin, I became independent now, I am a distributor of AIM Global, and I help people diversify their money to a much profitable opportunity so that they can have a residual income and increase their lifestyle” – Wow, I sounded like an alien from outer space.

Jurgen asked, “Are you humiliated that you’re doing AIM Global business? Or do you just have trouble on explaining it to your prospects?”

“I’m proud of what I do sir! It’s just that. I don’t know the right words to say to my prospects. I don’t want to say I recruit people, bring them to our office, attend our big events, and do online marketing, share products to our customers, because I feel they will automatically reject me.”

“You’re right. That sounds really hard too. My advice is you just simply focus on two things that prospects want to hear”, Jurgen said.

“And what are those two things?” asked Pedro.

“Those two things are:

1. What do you do?

2. If what you do would benefit them?

That’s it.” Jurgen said.

“That’s it? It sounds easy to say, but hard to do.” Pedro replied.

“Well why we don’t review what your three prospects said. They must have heard something nice from their sponsor that is why they joined AIM Global. And I bet they are using those same answers to their prospects when asked what they do for a living.” Jurgen said.

Gee, I never thought of that. Let’s see what they answered when I asked them what they are doing now.

1. “No Pedro, we qualified in AIM Global’s Travel Incentive program. We were so blessed to see this wonderful opportunity, and we also got tickets to watch an NBA game for FREE! You see Pedro, their only two kinds of people in this world, those people who earned a lot of money thru word of mouth advertising, have fun and get a free travel abroad and those who don’t. So which person do you want to be?” – Wow free Travel, free NBA game and I was asked to choose from making money or not. There are lots of benefits in that answer.

2. “Yes Pedro, I’m using this product called Whitelyt and Perfect white they make my skin soft, smooth and light, plus I also used C-24/7 which makes me feel younger and more energetic the whole day.” – My aunt really had mastered the art of sharing without selling. There are two great benefit answers to this.

3. “Well Pedro I don’t just use them, I share them to all my friends! AIM Global has a great marketing plan that makes me earn a lot even at my old age.” – This builds curiosity. It makes people want to know more, I mean whoever gets an opportunity to make big money at an old age right?

4. “Thanks! I’m actually selling Burn products. They’re good for people who want to lose weight, there are many obese people nowadays and it seems that everybody wants to be in shape and healthy. Plus, I get to earn huge income just by sharing this great opportunity.” – This answer made me really excited!

“Sir Jurgen I think I am getting what you’re telling me. I am beginning to realize that my lost prospects concentrated on how their products helped them, they use their own testimony or they might probably use somebody else’s product testimony. And they also tried to check if I would be interested to have a part time income. I am seeing a great pattern here.”

“That’s right.” Jurgen said. “You don’t have to be defensive in talking about your products. You also don’t need to be pushy or offensive on talking about your business. Just let them know what you do, what benefits it can bring them and if they get interested, they would want to know more and ask you more questions about it. But if they are not interested, they would quickly change the subject and talk about something else. Your interested prospects can ask you questions like these.”

– Really Free Travel? I love travelling, what do I need to do to get the same privilege as yours?

– Hmmm, that sounds interesting. How does the word of mouth advertising works?

– How can I be younger looking like you?

– Are your products safe? I think I want to try it.

– I heard about AIM Global before, but I never really got to chance to know how it works, can you explain it to me?

– Yeah you’re right it’s so hard being an employee. It’s much better when you become your own boss and have a business. How can I join you?

– I’ve been working for so long and I have yet to buy a car tire much more a car. Please let me know how your business works

“If you listen to the hidden meanings to these replies, it will only tell you one thing. I am interested, Tell me more. Don’t you like it Pedro to have your prospect tell you I’m interested in your offer. It would definitely motivate you to talk to more people about your opportunity. Right?”

“Yes sir Jurgen, I understand what you’re saying now, it will make things better for me because when I hear prospects wanting to know more about my business, it would surely make my prospecting a lot more fun and exciting. Can please give me more example of what great answers I could tell my prospects when asked, What do you do for a living.?”

“Sure here it its……”
(to be continued).

Here is to the inevitable achievement of all your hopes and dreams!

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