“If you think you will have job security working for somebody else, WAKE UP.” – Kim Kiyosaki

“Sir Jurgen, can you please give me more examples of what great answers I could tell my prospects when I am asked, “What you do for a living?”

Sure here are some more answers you can use to your prospects.

– I help people how to retire 10 years earlier.

– I show how ladies how to look 10-20 years younger the natural way.

– I show people how to lose weight without changing their eating habits.

– I show people how to make big money by helping others.

– I make people not rely on the government much when it comes to their finances.

– I help people to have the energy of a 20 year old at 50.

– I am working on my part-time business. I realize that there is no such thing as job security nowadays anymore.

– I help OFWs have a chance to go home with their families with a great business opportunity.

– I help OFWs make extra money on the side while they work on their full time job so that they can save a lot more for their future.

– I have a project called OFW Go Home, it’s my mission to reunite families who were separated because their mother or father have to work abroad to earn money. I show them a chance to earn just as much or even more money here in the Philippines as they are earning abroad.

– I’m independent now; I make money worldwide just by using Facebook.

– I help people look younger; I show them how to have a facelift in a natural way. A lot of women are getting more beauty conscious these days.

– I get paid just by drinking coffee.

– I show people how to get rebates and referral bonus every month while working on their full time job.

“So, do you see the differences in these answers? All we are saying are the benefits of what we do to our prospects. If they find it interesting or if they would want to know more about it, they would ask more questions that could lead to either a one on one presentation or a group presentation at the nearest office of AIM Global. There is no need to be pushy; it is just a straight forward answer that arouses your prospects curiosity.” Jurgen said.

“Yes sir Jurgen, I understand you completely. My answers before lack benefit and excitement, from now on I would answer with a strong benefit laden statements that make my prospect want to ask more about it.” Pedro said.

“Correct Pedro, this is much better instead of giving answers that you try to push down on your uninterested prospects throat which sometimes lead to an heated argument that you would never win. If you do that your relationship could get damaged. And because of that you would never sponsor your prospect, not today, not tomorrow, and not ever. If your friend becomes interested in the future, your friend would not come to you to be their sponsor. They would look for somebody else.” Jurgen replied.

“Thank you so much sir Jurgen, I have learned a lot from you today.”As Pedro got up ready to leave, he saw the restaurant manager by the door, he then asked, “by the way, what do you do for a living?”

The restaurant manager replied, “I welcome all patrons and non-patrons to our cozy food and drink establishment and also supervise all my staff with a better and proper way of handling all the activities inside this place so that we will have a big profit margin by the end of the day.”

Pedro smiled and thinking out loud, “Wahahahaha, this guy needs to be trained by sir Jurgen about his benefit statement.”
The end.

“What do you do for a living approach?”

This story can be applied in your business in many ways. It’s a very effective approach most especially if you’re a shy person. You don’t have to think too much on what you are going to say. The number one reason why a lot of people are afraid of prospecting strangers or people they barely know are because they do not know how to open up a conversation or simply said they don’t really know the right words to say to their prospect.

The “what do you do for a living approach?” puts your prospects guard down and in case you didn’t know it yet, in your many years of existence in this planet, people love talking about themselves to other people. They love to tell stories of who they’re with, what places they have been to, what kind of a jerk their boss is, and sometimes they even tell you other things that you don’t really want to know about. You asked them one question and they open up their lives like a fairy tale novel. This could be the only downside with this.

The upside is after they have exhausted their bio-data to you, they would then turn the favor, out of courtesy and ask you, “How about you? What do you do for a living?”

And bingo!

This is where your prepared answer comes into place.

Now once you answered your prospect, two things can happen, first is,if they find what you have said interesting they would ask more questions, they will give you some hints to “tell me more”. Or second, your prospect could just say, “hey did you know that there is a storm coming up tomorrow?” Even if the sun is out shining! They would simply change the topic. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you because you are learning, and second you gain more friends which could be a future prospect anyway.

The idea here is to gain more prospects, and the number of prospects you add to your list is directly proportional to the number of times you ask this question.

The more people you ask, the more the chance you can get interested, qualified prospects that you could set an appointment with your upline or make them attend a big opportunity presentation.

This technique is way much better instead of forcing an uninterested person to take a look at your business and makes your life in AIM Global stressful.

“Set your Goals”

In 1977, Bill Gates and some of his partners set a vision of having their Microsoft system used by every computer owner in the world. The idea of owning a personal computer that time was considered ridiculous. People say, “What’s the need of computers?” “It’s a kind of a silly deal.”

Believe us, they really said it. People laughed at them.

But today, it’s even more ridiculous if you don’t own one computer in your pocket much more on your desk.

If you set a vision in your heart and mind, nothing gets in your way. If you believe in your vision, that is only one proof needed that it would definitely come true.

Will you know how? Well in most cases no, but here in AIM Global, we teach you that even if you don’t know how, we make you realize that the purpose of a Goal or is not just to acquire stuffs, ultimately the purpose of your goal is for you to grow. Pursuing your goals bring out the best in you, those hidden abilities and talents that you thought you never had can be manifested. There is a gift inside of you that is their waiting to be expressed.

Now is the time to shine! Decide. Believe and Achieve.

And before we go, let us ask you one question.

What do you do for a living? _______________________________

It’s time for you to create your own answer.

Here’s to your success!

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