The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible. – – Richard M. Devos – Businessman

Once upon a time, an AIM Global distributor named Pedro was standing in line to buy tickets in Enchanted Kingdom (an amusement park), when the lady behind made a small conversation with him.
She said, “So, what kind of work do you do? What do you do for a living?”

Pedro felt excited! This is his chance to sponsor someone into his business, he is very eager to tell her how great AIM Global is, that it has created over 1000 millionaires in 9 years, and how good and effective our products, and how lucrative our marketing plan, plus the great training teams, marketing teams, speakers bureau etc. He had so many things that he wants to say, the problem is he does not know how to say it.

So when he opened his mouth, no words came out!

The lady then said, “Oh I see, you are a secret agent and you don’t want anyone to know you’re a spy.” Well it’s nice to meet you.”

Now that made Pedro depressed, he lost a good prospect! He told himself that this would never happen again. He would make sure that he would come prepared next time he has an opportunity to meet someone.
That opportunity came sooner than expected because the next day, his nephew turned 8 years old and he and his family got invited to his birthday party. As expected, when a child throws a party most visitors are children. So he told himself, well, I don’t think there is much prospect here. And besides it may be unethical to do business in my nephew’s party.

After a while, Juan, his brother in law, came up to him and offered a drink, he said, “Well Pedro what kind of work do you now do?”

Pedro’s mind raced! This is another chance for him to sponsor a new prospect and this time he is ready! He then said, “I am with Alliance in Motion Global, an International business and I am currently ranked as Distributor!”
Juan said, “Ah okay, hey have you seen the line-up of the San Antonio Spurs next season? They are going to be tough to beat! I bet it would be Spurs vs Warriors in the West finals next year!”

Aww Pedro blew it again, you know it when someone is not interested on what you’re saying, they will quickly change the topic.

Later in the party his Aunt Sheila who he hasn’t seen for years came up to him and asked him, “so Pedro, what do you do for a living?”

This time Pedro said he is going to expand more about the company. He said, “I am a distributor of an International Company that focuses on health and wealth. I help people get promoted from Silver Executive to Gold Executive up until they reach the Global Ambassador position. I also help them earn up to the 10th level of our Uni-level Marketing Plan.”

Aunt Sheila said, “Really??? So how’s your mom doing?”

Strike three! Pedro’s head hung low and he wondered why his aunt doesn’t seem to have heard what he said. He was so sad that he went in the living room to just mope alone. But inside he saw his cousin Joy drinking coffee.

After exchanging some hugs and kissed, Joy ask, “So cousin, what are you up to now?”

He told himself, “this time I am going to focus on the benefits of AIM.”

“Well cousin, I became independent now, I am a distributor of AIM Global, and I help people diversify their money to a much profitable opportunity so that they can have a residual income and increase their lifestyle” – Pedro answered.

Her cousin, said, “Okay well, I work for Microsoft. I believe nowadays you really need to have job security.”

As Pedro went home that night, he told himself what a terrible day, what a boring party, my relatives all have a poor mindset. They seem to be not interested to have a better life. What a waste! I wonder where I can find good prospects in my business.

One year later…..

Pedro was again invited to another family gathering. His sister and brother in law Juan threw a farewell party (despidida) because they are going to the United States for two weeks’ vacation. At the party Pedro got the chance to speak to Juan, and Juan said ““Hi Pedro, guess what?? I’m going to watch an NBA game live in the States!”

Pedro replied, “Wow! You guys are really going to have fun huh! Your trip could really have cost you a fortune!”

Juan said, “No Pedro, we qualified in AIM Global’s Travel Incentive program. We were so blessed to see this wonderful opportunity, and we also got tickets to watch an NBA game for FREE! You see Pedro, their only two kinds of people in this world, those people who earned a lot of money thru word of mouth advertising, have fun and get a free travel abroad and those who don’t. So which person do you want to be?”

Pedro’s mind lit up and he said, “Wow, I never saw that perspective before! Well I congratulate you; I too am a distributor of AIM Global!””

Later in the party, Pedro bumped in to her Aunt Sheila.

Pedro said, “Hi Aunt Sheila, it’s been a year since I last saw you, you look so pretty and young!”

Aunt Sheila said, “Yes Pedro, I’m using this product called Whitelight and Perfect white they make my skin soft, smooth and light, plus I also used C-24/7 which makes me more energetic the whole day.”

Pedro said, “Hey those are great products of AIM Global, it’s a good thing that you became a user of these products because they really are effective.”

Aunt Sheila replied, “Well Pedro I don’t just use them, I share them to all my friends! AIM Global has a great marketing plan that makes me earn a lot even at my old age.”

Pedro never thought Aunt Sheila would be open to network marketing; I had a chance to sponsor her last year! What is going on here!

As he was about to leave, he saw his Cousin Joy arriving late for the party. Pedro greeted her and said, ““Hi Joy, that’s a nice car you got there, you look good and sexy! How’s work in Microsoft?”

Joy said, “Thanks! I’m actually using and selling Burn products. They’re good for people who want to lose weight, there are many obese people nowadays and it seems that everybody wants to be in shape and healthy. Plus, I get to earn huge income just by sharing this great opportunity.”

“Hmmm, and what great opportunity is that?”, Pedro asked.

Well you see Juan invited me to an opportunity meeting in AIM Global and there I saw a great chance for me to leave the rat race of employment!

“But isn’t your job in Microsoft stable enough? I mean it’s a big Company right?” Pedro said.

“Oh cousin, jobs are only good in the beginning, their no such thing as job security anymore, no matter how big the Company you’re working for is, when they feel that they no longer need you, they can simply fire you anytime.”

Pedro was thinking, what a change of paradigm, what a change of attitude. Last year she was so proud that she is with a giant company, now she is thinking of financial freedom than job security.

To make matters worse for Pedro, Joy added, “By the way, do you like my car? I got that from AIM Global business. I was able to save a lot of money that I no longer commute! Thank God for AIM.”

As Pedro took off from the party, he was thinking again, what has happened to my relatives? I had a chance to sponsor all of them last year, but they all are uninterested but today they seem to be more active than I am in this business! It’s so unfair!

Pedro got so depressed that he went to a local bar and met one of MLM superstar Jurgen Gonzales. Jurgen had over 19 years of experience in the networking industry and has trained lots of people become successful; he is currently AIM Global’s VP for Business Development going around the country and the world to share his wisdom on how to build a successful network marketing career.

Jurgen just finished talking to about five people on one table and all of them seem to be very excited.
He waived to Pedro and he said, “What’s up Pedro? How’s everything?”

Pedro said, “Well sir, I feel down today. You see my entire negative prospect from last year, I just found out today are all now members of AIM Global. I felt like crying. It’s unfair. I don’t know why, is it because the way I looked? The way I smell. Or perhaps it’s in the palm of my hands that I won’t get good prospects. I’m doomed!”

Jurgen smiled and said, “well Pedro, other people get all the good prospects not because of their looks; it is just simply because they have better skills. When they invite people, they tell their prospect exactly what they need. They don’t practice stealth recruiting. They don’t beat around the bush. They give people the benefits of our business that is in line with their needs. They have the right things to say, at the right person at the right time. They don’t give out generic, confusing, defensive answers.”

Hmmmm Generic, confusing, defensive answers? What does that mean?

(to be continued…)


Find out next week what does Generic, confusing, defensive invitations means?

Happy Networking!

Here is to the inevitable achievement of your dreams!

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