NaturaCentials Natural Feminine Wash


This is the world’s first Natural Feminine Wash with negative ions, aloe vera and other premium ingredients for a healthy, natural and hygienic washing.

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This is the world’s first Natural Feminine Wash with negative ions. Its active ingredients include Elemi Oil which is a good antibacterial, antimicrobial, helps prevent UTI, infections in the urinary bladder. It also has Aloe Vera which is a disinfectant, germicidal, antiseptic, anti aging; Guava Leaf Extract which is anti-inflammatory, prevents itchiness, blocks allergens and is also considered anti-bactierial. Also contains Negative ION Strip – 6300 negative ions/cms, anti allergens, antibacterial, antifungal and anti aging. With all this ingredients naturacentials feminine wash from aim global is no doubt the best feminine wash we have on the market today. Every women should start switching to this best product.Time to get refreshed, Time to use naturacentials feminine wash.

Aloe Vera
• Disinfectant
• Germicidal
• Antiseptic
• Anti-aging

Negative Ion Strip
• 6300 Negative Ions / cm3
• Anti-allergens
• Antibacterial
• Antifungal
• Anti-aging

Elemi Oil
• Antibacterial
• Antimicrobial
• Helps Prevent UTI, Inflections in Urinary bladder

Guava Leaf Extract
• Anti – Inflammatory
• Prevents Itchiness
• Blocks allergens
• Antibacterial

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