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Nu UH2 is a portable cutting-edge technology that turns mineral water to Molecular HydroCeutical. This can be your Most Advance Skin Moisturizer ever!

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Ultra H2


ULTRA H2 is an advanced Japanese Technology that produces up to 1,500 PPB of Molecular Hydrogen water. It will help neutralize oxygen free radicals that causes diseases, inflammation and aging.

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CareLeaf – BP


Soring body parts reduce productivity and give so much worry! Don’t let this happen! For your body pain, give instant relief by using CARELEAF!

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Ener-chi Pendant BLACK


By putting on Ener-chi Pendant, your immune system will be boosted, improves body flexibility, increases stamina and performance, and shields the body from threats coming from harmful viruses and EMF radiation.

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Enerchi Diffuser Anti-Radiation


With Ener-Chi Diffuser, we get to enjoy the convenience of all our electronic devises without the fear of getting harmful effects of EMF radiation!

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