Build a list of name of your FRIENDS, RELATIVES or a person that you plan to share the business.We should categorize with the following:

1.Are those people you know who have AUTHORITY and MONEY they can joined the business immediately?

2.They are the people who have WORK and source of income,they have the MEANS to start.

3.Our last priority those people can’t afford to start the business yet,but they are interested to joined.



How can you INVITE your PROSPECT into the BUSINESS?

This is simple, by applying the F.O.R.M system. We need to have a conversation with our PROSPECTS by knowing the RIGHT INFORMATION.

  • F means FAMILY
  • O means OCCUPATION
  • R means RECREATION
  • M means MESSAGE 

The mean purpose is for us to know the specific needs of our prospects by using the F.O.R.M you can identify the needs and wants of the prospects either our PRODUCTS or the need a break from their work or need other source of income.By creating a good RAPPORT with our clients.We can deliver the exact and appropriate message to them,upon knowing what they need you can now proceed with the presentation.



We have different kind of presentation:

  1. One on One Presentation or Table talk presentation,where you can present it immediately with one or three clients.
  2. Home meeting presentation, where you can visit your clients or make schedule to visit them.
  3. Big Presentation, where you can bring many prospects in the head office.
  4. Online Presentation,where you can easily share the business information thru Video or Business Script,via Facebook Messenger or whatsapp or any other social media application.

You must LEARN how to do the business presentation very well.Practice makes perfect.You must need to understand the needs of your prospects and let them see how the opportunity can help them Solve their needs and address all their problems.



It is ending presentation by making your prospects realize the importance of what have been discussed at your presentation and also help them how to solve their problems and their needs.Get them to commit with a time that they are ready to join the business.Push them but don’t be too pushy to cause them to become offended. You can use the ABC RULE.

  • A stand for ADVISOR
  • B stand for BRIDGE ( you)
  • C stand for CLIENT

The advisor is usually the sponsor or anybody who had more experience in the business that have big results. The BRIDGE which is YOU your part is very essential for you to CLOSE the DEAL. All you need to do as a bridge is to CONNECT THE CLIENT to the advisor by means of building up your ADVISOR. The C” or CLIENTS will surely listen and will take all the advices from the advisor. Remember always build up the advisor to the clients. Never ever build your clients to the advisor so that it will not create intimidation.



Always use the 24-48 hour rule 

Make the follow-up to your clients within 48 hours after seeing the business presentation. You can send videos of success stories or make a call from the time to time,this will maintain the excitement at their part and don’t hesitate to always ask if they are convenient and ready to join the business within that day.

In order to succeed in Network Marketing,take actions,apply the 5 fingers and Repeat!



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