Suffered Migraines for Years… Discovered C24/7 and helped me to feel better

Hello, I just want to talk to you about my experience of migraines and the introduction of a product called C24/7 that i got introduce to by my partner. She was interested in getting into a business actually with a company called AIM Global who supplies C24/7 through natures way.

She asked me to try this product (C24/7) and she knew that I suffered from migraine and she believed that this product could help me. To get better and do it with out medication really. I have suffered with my migraines since 2007 and it is dying to get migraines.

To further share you my story:

I went to the doctor once I realize that I was getting this migraines quiet often. I was taking medication for a couple of years. As I was going on, I needed to take more and more medication. I got to a point where I was taken too much medication. Got those really strong tablets, I was taking about 20+ a month. I been suffering from migraines, more or less everyday. In the end I decided that I had enough taking medication that I was on.

I see the doctor again and he sent me to a neurologist. He told me that I was taking too much medication and I had to go to on a detox for a month. No Medication, No Caffeine Drinks, Just water or a bit of juice. Anyway After that detox, I got caught on yet, more medication, different medication but yeah they worked and after so long my migraines got less and I started to feel a bit better and I thought my life is starting to get better. But after a period of time, the new medication has started to have less and less effect. My Severe Migraines starts to come back.

At this point that’s when my partner Laurie Suggested to me to try this Product. At first I was very reluctant because I’m a bit of a cynic of trying new things and I also was against alternative medicine, not completely but a bit skeptical.

So I decided to stop taking anymore medicine and gave it a good, you know “give em a try”. After a few weeks, I started to feel my migraine is starting to decline and after a couple of months, Nothing is Coming Back. Just an occasional pain, but not more than that.

There are also other benefits of this (C24/7) for me, it certainly helped me a LOT! I’m very grateful and very thankful to my partner for recommending this to me.

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